How do u to be rich in FFXIV gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-12-16 03:05:09
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Gil is the currency of Final Fantasy 14 , The ability to make a lot of gil will help u to be a rich people in the game .anyway i will share you guys some useful tips on how to make a lot if gil which igot from my friend who is great at ffxiv.



The simple trick is to realize that most people do not know that there are NPC vendors that sell most of the items you'll want to buy from levels 1-50.

that's right--while YOU might know that NPC vendors sell almost any type of non-hq item, most people don't know about this. Since World of Warcraft and other MMORPG's have conditioned them to hit the AH to seek out upgrades...that's exactly what they do. The trick to making gil is to exploit this circumstance.

My friend start his day off by reviewing the marketboard and making a list of all items between levels 20-34 that have either ZERO people selling the item or VERY FEW people selling the item. When its say making a list, That literally mean making a list in notepad, because there are quite a few items that fit this criteria.

The follow is the item short list

Velveteen Sash
Velveteen Half Apron
Steel Goggles
Steel Elmo
Velveteen Gaskins
Velveteen Tights
Velveteen Gaiters
Velveteen Sarouel
Velveteen Bottoms
Velveteen Shortgloves
Velveteen Halfgloves
Goatskin Trousers
Toadskin Culottes
Elm Patterns
Velveteen Coatee of Crafting
Velveteen Bandana
Fang Earrings (from jewelers in town)

u can pick some of the item level range out of convenience ,and some other exploitable markets .or u can buy from ffxiv4gil which offers the cheap price.

Hope that helps !

ffxiv4 gil team