How to buy ffxiv gil to avoid spamming

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-10-08 05:23:40
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Do you have this experience? You are standing around, and you get a friend request from an obvious FFXIV Gil seller. In fact, almost all FFXIV players have experience like this including the accounts of FFXIV4GIL. Spam is boring, it makes players feel disturbed. So a lot of players revolted against all FFXIV Gil sellers. In their mind, gil sellers mean spammers. As the largest FFXIV Gil seller who sells FFXIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling for 5 years from FFXIV Ver.1.0, FFXIV4GIL could tell you that some of gil sellers are spammers, but not all. Honestly speaking, FFXIV4GIL never sends any spam to any players.

Spam is an advertising method for some gil sellers. They send friends requests to players than publicize their own sites. In fact, it is an effectual way to make more players know them. But it disturbs players. What’s the worse, some spam is sent by deceptious sites. No matter whether you want to buy FF14 Gil or not, FFXIV4GIL suggests you to ignore all spam.

Actually, regular FF14 Gil sites don’t need to send spam. Just like FFXIV4GIL, the workers at FFXIV4GIL are not only FFXIV Gil sellers but also players, we can understand how boring spam is. So FFXIV4GIL never sends spam, of course FFXIV4GIL doesn’t need spam.

How do players know FFXIV4GIL without spam? Why so many players choose FFXIV4GIL? Here we will tell you how to choose a trustworthy site by the way.
Ask for your friends
Before you buying gil, you could ask your friends for suggestions. There are quite a large number of players buying gil every day. There must be one of your friends, team members or FC members that could help you. If you have a friend who bought FF14 Gil at FFXIV4GIL before, he may remember the pleasant delivery, especially how fast and cheap the gil is.

Search at Google
If you don’t want anyone else to take part in buying gil, you could search “FFXIV Gil” or “Buy FFXIV Gil” at Google. The site at the top of your searching result is the most players’ choice. This method could value a site objectively.

Search reviews at other sites
The info you can get around is limited, so you can search more reviews at other sites like Trustpilot to see what others say. You should pay attention to what others say about the safety, speed of delivery and how to deliver.

FFXIV4GIL as the largest FFXIV service site is doing our best to give our customers the best service. Here is another article none of FFXIV Gil buyers gets banned at FFXIV4GIL, if you want to buy FFXIV Gil, I hope you could take a little of time to know more about FFXIV4GIL.