How To Fix AFKers In Final Fantasy XIV PvP

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-07-08 14:17:58
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If you are a stubborn fan, if the team time is not seriously affected, PVP is still feasible, but if so, then these new rates will make this activity less feasible, rather than an alternative leveling approach. why?


These changes did not really hit AFKers. Free experience is free to experience. Those who line up waiting for AFKing's free EXP's clear target can run a total of 50 or more if Netflix can be viewed while performing Netflix. All the other really interested in PvP worth their time because they like it is punished.



The changes introduced in 4.01 reduced the experience of the failed team in Frontline PvP and reduced XP's reward for matching time. The latter changes do not seem to have a huge impact, but because of the loss of the team (about 30%) of XP nerf is incredible, because Frontline always has two failed teams.



Since the return to "fantasy fourteen", I have been playing a lot of PvP. In addition, it has been very interesting and is also a good level. Unfortunately, these AFK players have broken the experience of others and got the attention of Square Enix in the way I am most worried about. Patch 4.01 is the first patch of the Stormblood patch, including a heavy experience with PvP experience to address the AFK problem, and I think that this change will be detrimental to AFKers while punishing others.


So I think it's all just temporary, Square Enix later will certainly improve the problem, the introduction of more accurate way, which is PVP become better. If you have any different suggestions, please comment on the article.