How to get fiery ffxiv gil from the Bowl of Embers Trial

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-10-24 03:08:29
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has a lot of content for FFXIV account holders. One of these is the Trials system where players can take on creatures for powerful rewards. One of these Trials is the Bowl of Embers. In this battle, players will take on a boss that fans of the Final Fantasy series will instantly recognize.


Trials are special battles fans can participate in to acquire powerful FFXIV Gil and Items. They always consist of a single boss fight that is often related to the main story quests. Trials usually require a part of at least four characters. Some however require up to eight members. Lastly, similar to dungeons, Trials have level requirements and needs to be unlocked before entry.

The Bowl of Embers is the first players will encounter in the game. This Trial is designed for level 20 players and requires a light party of four members. It can be unlocked by following the main storyline. Note that players at or above level 25 will be level sync’d down to 24 upon entry.

Ifrit is the boss of the Bowl of Embers Trial. The fight is broken into 4 phases based on how much HP the boss has. The first phase is fairly straight forward with tanks and damage dealers just sticking to their usual roles. At 75% HP however, the second phase starts. Ifrit will start using AoE attacks that players need to avoid.

When the boss reaches 50%, phase 3 begins. Starting from this phase, Ifrit will summon an Infernal Nail on the ground. Damage dealers need to take this out immediately. After planting the nail, the boss will cast Hell Fire. If the nail was not destroyed, Hell Fire will deal massive AoE damage to the party. Removing the nail reduces the power of the attack.

The last phase starts at 25% HP. At this point Ifrit will unleash even more AoE attacks. These will either appear at the room’s borders or near the center. Be wary of the AoE attacks, and take care of any Infernal Nails and you’ll be able to conquer this first Trial.