How to rank up Weaver in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-08-09 03:14:14
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In my experience, the easiest class to rank up is “Armorer”. Because you can using “Iron Square” from ARM rank 22 to rank 50! But you’ll need truck load of earth shard and some of wind shards as I mentioned earlier. After you rank up armorer, you will find it’s much easier to farm Final Fantasy XIV Gil.
After I tried to rank up Weaver from above guide, I found out that weave is the super easy class to rank up with bot since you can recycle your finished product to be an ingredient of the next recipe to rank up, and all of item are STACKABLE! That what we need, lol.

You can just walk to Market ward and grab 2-3 stacks of Limonite/Iron Ore. and make it to nugget and to square. With this method you’ll get exp for Blacksmith class also, and lot cheaper that buy iron nugget.I recommend to make iron square from raw mat yourself because you are bot! And bot have all the time in the world to do this super-boring stuff so let it do for you. It’s lot cheaper level up this way.Also, after you train Armorer, you can sell the finish product back to NPC. Most of it are some armor part and stackable. So you’ll get some money back to buy another ore to do same thing again and again.
Blacksmith use iron nugget to make lot of things. And it’s cheaper to rank up with iron nugget compare to other stuff. By the way, I don’t rank 50 yet so I can’t tell you much. But as far as I know. If it use only 1 material type, it good. Additionally, you can choose to buy FFXIV Power leveling on our website, we have professional gamers to rank it up for you. Comment from the Lalafell : at 40 you’ll need tons of silver nuggets to grind on silver javelin head to about 45+ that you can change to steel round knife head all the way to 50. Bomb ash can be farm in Nanawa mine quite easily these days.