How to unlock the warrior in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-06-21 14:13:09
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FFXIV has launched a new version of the expansion has been a period of time, many players have begun to encounter difficulties in the game, so in the online search for a variety of game Raiders, our website will be as much as possible to write about FFXIV skills news, Also welcome everyone's attention, the last period is written How To Unlock Red Mage In Final Fantasy XIV,  you can go to see if you are interested, we come to introduce another career Raiders: How to unlock the warrior in Final Fantasy XIV.



It's easy to be a red mage. Become a warrior easier. This task is made by a Ul'dahn citizen where each person appears in the place where the city appears. He just stood there and was very excited.


The man witnessed a Gladiator battle, an old man from the East with a strange curved blade so that all the roles are very good. He guides you into the arena.
There is a silver tongue actor to guide you to the Gladiator's Association, where the warriors sit there waiting for you to appear.



There is no drama here. The old man thinks you may be a valuable competitor, so he holds a sword, a suit and a gem that contains the soul of his brother.


It is easy to be convenient. Since these two new jobs are available outside the expansion of the new area, role actors in the 1950s can be transformed into one of the new jobs and use it to catch them before they can visit Stormblood's new land and tasks All the story of the task.


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