How to Use Crafting and Gathering to Make FFXIV Gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-01-05 16:24:37
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FFXIV gil is significant in the game. For gil, there are plenty ways to acquire. Things that sell easy are items for leves, crafted materials (craft leathers to sell, instead of skins, for example. Or lumber instead of logs). Of course, crafting is the way to go, and the gathering helps you ease the cost of mats. So what are you gonna to do to deal with crafting and gathering?




If you are trying to ration your leves, here are what you probably do.


Get some crafters leveled up first up to 50. The reason for this is twofold: you want to be able to take advantage of moogle quests so you need to be sure you have a class you can do them with ever day, and crafting Leves offer the super efficient 9-turn in quests. Do weaver next to get Carefull Synth II and Cul for Steady Hand II. Those two skills combined with Blessing from CRP will make HQ'ing stuff for double xp from Leves easy.


Once you get a few crafters to 50 you can work on gatherers to 50. You really only need Miner and Botanist leveled for crafting, Fishing really only benefits CUL, with few exceptions. Once at 50 start running collectables. It is recommended trying to get both to 50 so you have more timers to work with. After that work on other crafters. Gathering Leves can be a little boring.


Also don't forget to do grand company turn ins daily. Ixali quests are also good for leveling pre-50 crafters. Just make sure you save beast tribe allowance for Moogles, they are a fast track for leveling crafters after 50. Collectables are also good xp for crafters. For some crafts it may be worth doing, CUL can be leveled exclusively on Isgaurdian Muffins, and CRP and GSM have some cheap recipes as well. Other crafters may be too expensive to grind this way, even with gathering. You are going to benefit immensely from having all crafters at 60, so shoot for that. Plus when it comes time to grind out scriptures you get more options of collectables to choose from. Just pick the most efficient one and use it to grind out all your recipe books.


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