Let Final Fantasy XIV Developer tell players something about gameplay

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-08-12 09:15:02
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Final Fantasy XIV is not the first game that the developer made. They produced the game based on considering most of players feel. Before the game release, they made some notes to all players. Some of the notes can help you farm Final Fantasy XIV Gil easily. Here we go:
• Arcanist attribute points will be shared between Summoner and Scholar.
Edited August 10th: Yoshi-p mentioned in question 7 that they would not be shared but corrected himself later in the letter. This correction did not make it into the official translation of the Q&A and led to us listing that they are not shared. This has now been corrected.
• The Great Labyrinth of Bahamut will be the hardest content at the start of ARR for a while. It will contain a lot of story and bosses with different phases.
• Sending /tells within an instance is possible but is disabled to prevent player harassment (come on SE poor reason!)
• There will be a unicorn mount for White Mage, other mounts will exist for other jobs.

• Job quests can be completed solo.
• Restrictions on the looting system such as how many times you can roll "Need" are no longer planned.
• The Lodestone will feature an item database. (I wonder if this will make ours redundant...)
• Transferring items and gil between characters on the same account will not be allowed due to RMT prevention.
• The barber shop in 2.1 will allow you to change your character's hair style, colour, eye colour, face paint, face paint colour and beard.
• A seasonal event where you can obtain swimsuits will be added a week after launch.
• Minor changes have been made to the primal battles from 1.0. All primals will receive an extreme mode. Good King Moggle Mog XII will return in 2.1 but not as a primal.
• The Crystal Tower (24 man dungeon) will be accessible via the Duty Finder however it is not available until 2.1.
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