Making friends with some gatherers is helpful to you in ffxiv

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-26 01:15:38
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It is good for you to make friends in your life.Because you can seek your friend’s help when you are trouble.You can also make friends in the game of ffxiv to help you grasp more skills.

You’ll get more skills to make the crafting mini game more interesting when you gain levels, some skills can be shared with other disciplines of the hand. You may want to check out some of the other skills, as it’s relatively easy to get them to level 15 and without the help of ffxiv power leveling. You just need the shards and the vendors tend to sell all the low-level crafting.


I recommend making friends with some gatherers, and using the experience bonus scroll from the grand companies that you’ll get access to around level 20, and turning in high quality items for your guildleves. Try to get as much experience as you can crafting items whose reagents are sold by the vendors before getting into the higher levels .

Please notice that repairing gear for your respective discipline of the hand grants small chunks of experience; and come launch, you can repair other people’s gear, but it costs materials, so you can always whore yourself out next to the repair NPC and offer free repairs to get free experience.

Now, this can be very time consuming, but it’ll be worth the effort when you save yourself tons of money by self-repairing, and it is mandatory down the road for material melding.