Reviews on the comparison between the game FF14 and WOW

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-11-14 11:24:59
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When a new thing arises, it is bound to bring about a trend of chasing. Besides, it is no doubt that the new would be compared with previous similar one. Here, we will discuss the net game ,the Final Fantasy XIV VS the World of Warcraft.


Well, views are mainly divided into 2 sides.


On the one hand, they thought that final fantasy xiv will beat world of warcraft. However, this part seems a little weaker than the other.


On the other hand,Wow this really shows that people would rather murder each other than be helpful, it sucks what are world is coming to. And people who play WoW couldn't possibly have the attention span to play FFXI, it's a lot harder than WoW and takes more time to get things done. WoW players want what they want and they want it now, that's not how FFXI is.




The artwork and setting is too refine, it's too clean, even the dirtiness of it all is still clean. Warcraft who is actually a grim an dark world but not too grim and dark like the Failhammer game. It have enemies you know to kill on sight and political intrigue.FF14 doesn't even have faction duking it out with one another. Like I posted here a while back, jumping to FF from WoW was a system shock. I was on the look out to stab an enemy combatant players or kill vicious looking npcs .


For the first few levels your quest is to do a meet and greet with the local populace then you go outside and see the cute cuddly animals by Wow standard and you pretty much want to hug them not kill them.The entire experience is very jarring speaking as a WoW combat veteran. I was even expecting to wear war ready clothing to do vicious battle...but all of our armor is like design for flair. I started off with a lancer.