Safe ffxiv powerlvling

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-11-29 03:39:18
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Was curious if there any way to power level , for example letsay u are in a guid with 50's , and you decide you white mage needs to be a tank, so you need to level basically fron 1-50again

What is the best way , saying if a guildie will help u .,could u grind fates starting fron lvl 1(lvl 50 fates?) 

In other words what would happen if you were very low level ,in lvl45 fate. do u get tons of xp?




By using fates maybe a good way to level up ur acc, but Fates work based off overall individual participation, among other things. If you're a level 1 in a level 50 Fate, for example, your participation would be next to zero, even if you're hitting a mob somehow. You can't just stand there and do nothing (and would likely be a first aggro target of incoming fate mobs, too).

If you can manage to tag a mob without dying, that would net you something, as when you tag a mob first you're guaranteed credit for the kill, even if you don't do the majority of damage yourself. However, as someone mentioned above, the disparity between your level and the fate's level decreases the experience you get for participation, so it's unlikely a level 1 in a level 50 fate would get is lots of runing


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