The Easiest Way to Make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-11-29 11:52:07
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Worn equipment to play blame, digging, acquisition, production always improve the scouring degrees of the equipment, the monster level, make the equipment level with scouring equipment level the closer, scouring degrees improve faster, HQ gear and gear set the stones is quicker than the ordinary degree of refining equipment to promote.

There are a lot of FFXIV players will be wearing bust even a suit of 45 to 55 HQ to continuously brush brigade sacred domain level 50 four copies of the simplest, accumulation of mythology, philosophy points of refining equipment at the same time.

Excavation and gathering First of all, don't think that mining or collection of high level, can get advanced materials or minerals can make more FFXIV Gil, there are a lot of high grade material price even than broken crystal, even if some of the unit price is a bit high but not because of the demand for not selling. Here only talk about huge demand for all kinds of crystal.