The Jobs list in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-04-28 13:42:42
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The job system is much more complex than the class system. It be said that jobs is the advanced classes. In Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, you need to upgrade tow or more classes and then get a job. In the common quests, you just kill some small monsters and finish some solo tasks. However, once you enter Dungeons in the game, a job, with tank, treatment, melee attack etc., play an important role for your game character. Generally speaking, a job need level 30 primary class and level 15 vice class.


Bard: Level 30 Archer + level 15 Pugilist; all of the Archer Actions and some of Pugilist.
Black Mage: Level 30 Thaumaturge + level 15 Archer; all of all the Thaumaturge Actions and some Archer.
White Mage: level 30 Conjurer + level 15 Arcanist; all of the Conjurer Actions and some of Arcanist.
Monk: level 30 Pugilist + level 15 Lancer; all of the Pugilist Actions and some of Lancer.
Warrior: level 30 Marauder + level 15 Gladiator; all of the Marauder Actions and some of Gladiator actions.
Dragoon: level 30 Lancer + level 15 Marauder, all of the Lancer Actions and some of Marauder actions.
Paladin: level 30 Gladiator + level 15 Conjurer; all of the Gladiator Actions and some of Conjurer Actions.
Summoner: Level 30 Arcanist + Level 15 Thaumaturge; all of the Arcanist Actions and some of Thaumaturge.
Scholar: Level 30 Arcanist + level 15 Conjurer; Scholar Actions.