The major update on the FFXIV ARR

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-12-03 15:03:44
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It is most likely that players would like to purchase a house together with members of their free company. The house may then be used for a number of in-game activities. Thus, to require the house in the ffxiv arr, what are players able to do?


Undoubtedly, players ought to boost the rank of their company in the first place and obtain a land acquisition entitlement, which will greatly help you require the house. Furthermore, four main steps you might be interested in. The first is purchasing land. Plots of land will be sold by auction. An unowned plot can be purchased by first examining the placard located at its entrance.





Land may be purchased in any city, regardless of your free company's affiliation. Furthermore, only free company members with proper authorization may purchase land. For the time being, only one plot may be purchased by a single free company, though the ability to purchase multiple plots is scheduled for a future update.


In the second place, it is auction system that you should pay more attention on. The designated prices for all plots of land available for auction are set to be reduced every six hours. To confirm the price of an unowned plot or make a purchase, examine the placard located at its entrance.


Finally, you have to purchasing a house permit, which will be available for purchasing from a vendor. After purchasing a plot of land, build a house by using a house permit on said plot.