The Patch 3.55a Soon To Be Arrive And Integrate These New Features

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-02-24 03:55:08
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Final Fantasy is a massively popular multiplayer online game, it can attract most of gamers playing together online, additionally, players can be allowed to creat their own character. At the Fan Festival in Frankfurt this weekend, Naoki Yoshida emphasis on that Final Fantasy XIV 3.55a soon to be arrive, detailed date is February 28th. 



Due to a unexpected problem lead to postponed the launch of one the contents, hence, development teams plan on launching a second patch 3.55b in the first half of March so as to integrate these new features. In the meantime, patch 3.55a will feature the last chapter of the quest for anima weapons, the addition of a new PvP Feast, the delivery missions of Zhloe Aliapoh and finally the fight against Proto Ultima. 


Last but not least, owing to it's a new 24-player battle for object-level accessories 270, At the Frankfurt Fan Festival, if visitors it have been able to play in the avant-first. Note, for 3.55a the udpate note, detailed will be not given, what this means is that the players will have to find it themselves. Nonetheless, but we can already bet that it will soon be done. For information about FFXIV, found out more here: