The Review of 2015 and Expectation of 2016

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-12-29 02:15:42
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Another year has flown by, and it's been a busy year for us at FFXIV4GIL, where we provide products for varying MMOG, such as FFXIV, ElderScrolls Online, FIFA 16, and many more! As approaching the end of 2015, lets’ take a moment to remember some of our exciting activities and great promotions in the past year and look forward to a more exciting year in 2016!

Thank you for growing together with ffxiv4gil in 2015
As a professional MMOG products online seller who provides World of Warcraft Gold, FIFA 16 Coins, FFXIV Gil and many other games’ products, has been well-known in the market since 2005. ffxiv4gil is always committed to offer all customers’ the best service. Here you not only receive 100% safe products, fast delivery, various payment methods, and considerate customer service, but also enjoy the lowest prices and even free products!

In 2015, ffxiv4gil has continuously provided many promotions. There has been about 3 activities every month in 2015, varying from discount, free bonus, cash coupons, to half-price sale, members’ bonus and many other form’s activities. Statistically, there are more than 40 activities on our site this year, among which not less than 10 are flash sales, including 23% off for all products during Christmas.

It is worth mentioning that during this year, ffxiv4gil has earned more than 25,000 new members! We couldn't have done it without you, and are so thankful for each and every one of our customers. Whether you're new to ffxiv4gil, or have been with us from the beginning, you are what allow our wonderful site to be what it is! For those who haven’t known, being a ffxiv4gil member, you will get many privileges, such as reward points on purchasing, and private message that tells you every big sale on our site!

FFXIV4GIL 2016 expection
While receiving great support, ffxiv4gil is also planning to give more back to our customers in the upcoming year. As always, we stand committed to delivering new promotions each month in 2016.

In January of 2016, there will be a series of activities to help you get cheapest ffxiv gil as well as other products to celebrate New Year; while stepping into February, ffxiv4gil will celebrate Valentines’ Day with you by providing great offer!

Before we get too sappy, it is time to sign off. From all of us at ffxiv4gil: have a very Happy Holiday, and join us in raising a glass of mead to a successful year in 2016!