The significance of gil in the final fantasy xiv

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-11-12 07:15:11
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Each of the player who is playing the final fantasy xiv are bound to know the significance of the gil in the game.Thus ,everyone wants it and make their full efforts to get it. And here are many ways for you to rich your experience.


However, it mainly for the players who have been the member of the army for a long time.If you have just started playing, or are making a new character, Gil should not be something you struggle with. The main story is a great source of income, as well as job quests and any other side missions you pick up along the way. Gear comes in at a steady pace as rewards, so you rarely need to buy your own and dungeons can be farmed for higher level stuff.




Although they might not be obvious right away , a lot of potential options open up for you to make money once you reach 50. Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic can farm enemies, in the same way as described above. Crafters always need more materials, so this is typically a steady supply of income. Desired items vary per world, but it usually isn't hard to figure out what the people need. Fleece, Diremite Web, Crystals, Clusters, and many other items can be found on enemies.


You do have a few choice if you do find yourself in a bind, maybe spending too much on teleports. Certain Levels can be run over and over, giving you ff14 gil each time and depending on the speed of completion and difficulty, this gil can be anywhere from 500-2000. Mid level players , can also farm enemies for materials that Crafters would use. One of the easiest ones is the actual crystals. They drop from the Sprite enemies that are found in basically every zone.