The way to make your character well equipped in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-08-10 01:50:03
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Final Fantasy XIV players always think about a problem which is how to collect as much as game gold in game in short time. Some of players can farm gil by themselves, since their characters are well equipped. But some of players can just buy Cheap FFXIV Gil from websites.
Mining Strategies: Want to make the most out of your mining efforts? Then you should definitely make use of the unique mining strategies featured in this FFXIV Gil reference to get you going strong when it comes to making heaps of Gil from each mining run. The manual shares with readers the best mining spots are, what ores can be found and what they're worth. Start making loads of Gil from mining at the spots that yield the most returns!
Crafting Tips and Tricks: There's more to making Gil from the traditional farming and grinding. Find out how to make money from crafting items. Look through a comprehensive list of items table what items are worth crafting or what the necessary materials are and where exactly to get them.

Gil and the Discipline of the Hand: If making heaps of Gil is practically your number 1 objective in playing Final Fantasy XIV, then you should learn everything there is to know about the Discipline of the Hand. The Discipline of the Hand is literally the Gil makers of FFXIV. Whether you choose to play an Alchemist, a Blacksmith or a Weaver, find out what each class has to offer and the best method to make Gil with each of them.
Making Gil from Farming and Raiding: Like every other MMORPG, there are more than one best way to make money. Depending on your experience, level, class and play-style, one way to make money may prove to be much more effective than another. Find out what the experts have to say and their recommendations when it comes to making Gil from farming, raiding, selling items and much more in this Final Fantasy XIV Gil manual.
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