Three Tips for New Players in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-04-27 02:57:34
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It’s not a easy work for every newcomers to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, even though the Realm Reborn is not a very new game, the original XIV came out back in 2010, to help you new guys to grasp this technique as soon as possible, today I complied several guides for newcomers. Here are the details.

Talk to the Chocobokeep
Like the aetheryte, Chocobos can be used as an interconnected hub of travel locations. All you have to do to initiate this line of travel is to just talk to the Chocobokeep in each town you visit. Don’t be shy, these guys don't bite. And they wear adorable Chocobo armor. Seriously, just go talk to them.
Levequests are lifesavers
When you start multi-classing like a mofo, one problem you'll probably encounter is that you realize you've already done all the low-level quests with your other classes. This is where levequests come in handy. Sure, there's a daily limit to how many you can partake in, but you'll thank the Twelve for the option to take on some repeatable, customizable quests to nudge up your XP once you start building several classes at once.
Keep your level 1 gear
As soon as you add an additional class to your repertoire, that class starts at level 1. That means hang onto your level 1 gear. If you don't, you'll end up naked every time you start a new class. And that's just embarrassing.
Hope you can benefit from these three Final Fantasy XIV Tips, you need learn and practice more if you want be a good player who could grasp proficient skills. And one more word, you can go to buy cheap Final Fantasy Gil or Safe Final Fantasy Power leveling if you need, it's a big Final Fantasy Gil Seller and reliable Final Fantasy Gil Seller!