Tip and Trick for FFXIV Heavensward's First 24-player Raid :The Void Ark

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-11-14 05:09:02
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The Void Ark is the first 24-player raid after Heavensward online. It is similar to the Crystal Tower series in Ver.2.0. For the players who like to farm dungeons, it is a great news. We could enjoy 24-player raid again. If you don’t know how to enter or battle, FFXIV4GIL will show you the detailed strategy. Let’s go to The Void Ark together with FFXIV4GIL.

Firstly, The Void Ark is a level 60 raid. It requires the players to have item level 175 or higher. The raid composition is 3 tanks, 6 healers and 15 DPS (1:2:5 ratio). To unlock the raid, players should complete the quest “To Rule the Skies”. The quest-giver location is Utata-The Sea of Clouds, and the prerequisite quest is “Sky Pirates”
If you reach all requirements, let’s go to The Void Ark together. The details of bosses are as following.
This fight is a simple DPS check. Cetus will randomly drop bubbles that create small persistent aoes on the ground. It will also cast body slam in a random area, has a room wide electric aoe where you must be in close proximity of Cetus to avoid damage. During the fight, Cetus will spawn adds, take them down. It will also spawn smaller adds with a long range aoe charge which the targeted raid member should go into melee range to prevent damage to other members. As these adds are up Cetus will fly across the map dropping large aoe bubbles that deal massive damage and knock back. Near the end of the fight Cetus fly into the middle of the map, stun everyone and pull half the raid party into the middle. It will create an impassable wall and spawn four adds that are linked to its core in the middle. The raid members will have a timer to destroy all the adds outside and the one inside or else they will KO.

Irminsul and Sawtooth
This fight is a little confusing for first timers, one tank has to hold Irminsul, another holds Sawtooth, and it's recommended to have another tank pulling the adds that spawn. The soil will shift during the fight under the adds, kill the adds before they are consumed, or move them away. If they are consumed the boss will get points and if it reaches the max amount, the party will wipe. Avoid being eaten, you will become infected with a plant, if you are infected it will become hard to control your character, and it will attempt to infect everyone close by with a short cone aoe. Irminsul does a circle aoe and Sawtooth occasionally swings its tail. Random raid members will be marked with a yellow circle with a large aoe radius around them, they will tether and bind nearby raid members and make them unable to perform actions, break this by having unaffected raid members run through the tethers. Sawtooth will have red electricity around it and begin casting a long spell, everyone MUST go behind Irminsul AWAY from Sawtooth's line of sight to avoid damage, as it is a KO ability.

Cuchulainn has multiple mechanics for his fight. Everyone will have a non-curable bleeding debuff. First, you want to stay behind him because he will cast corrosive bile which deals a moderate amount of AOE damage in front of him. He will then spawn five statues that raise the bleeding stack to 5, if not destroyed in time they will explode. He will also throw out a large poison circle aoe, it's best to not stand on the raised platforms because of this. He will turn the ground green and then you must stand on a raised platform to avoid extreme damage. He will spawn Slime adds on the platforms, and attempt to eat them. Do not let him consume them. Whoever has hate can pull the mobs away from his cone aoe. If he consumes an add he gains a stacking Damage Up buff. After this phase he will cast a room wide aoe, healers need to prepare aoes because it deals moderate damage. He will also slam his tentacles on the ground and you have to be in between the tentacles to avoid corruption damage and a knock back. He will cast black lung twice, which is an aoe and spawns orbs. Members have to collect all the orbs or they will explode and bind everyone.

This is a very straightforward fight. She has a cleaved and a circle aoe around her called "Abyssal Sickle." She will then jump on the air and target a random raid member with a large grey AOE circle with arrows pointing to the member. Everyone has to group up onto the targeted member to reduce the damage they will take. She will also cast a room wide petrifying aoe, to avoid it, look away from her. She also casts two rectangular line aoes with gaps in between and to the opposite sides of them. She will jump into the air and creates multiple large circle aoes which deals massive damage if caught.

Around 70% and 40% she splits into three, each mob will target a tank from each raid party. It is good to set waymarks in opposite sides of the map to avoid their tether, which creates a stacking defense if they are too close to each other. The main body part will also cast the petrifying aoe. If you do not kill them in time the party will wipe. She also spawns adds twice throughout the fight.

As rewards, player can receive 1 piece of loot per week. In addition to loot, players can receive a Mhachi Farthing as separate completion reward once per week. Mhachi Farthing can be exchanged with Bertana in Idyllshire (x5, y5) for items used to enhance equipment purchased with Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics. Loot and reward eligibility resets every Tuesday at 12 AM PST.