Tips for a Final Fantasy XIV new gamer

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-09-02 14:03:06
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We're all kind of beginners with the new version of Final Fantasy XIV. Some of us have high-level characters already, but none of us has years of experience with the game.
Fortunately, the game's tutorials now do a solid job of introducing you to how the game works,particularly with FFXIV Gil. But there are still some tips and tricks to consider, and it's with that in mind that I present this column. If you're new to the game completely or even just an occasional dabbler in the previous beta tests, here's some advice to help you out during your first steps.

Choose your class wisely
That list of cross-class skills from Friday isn't just meant to be a pretty list to look at. It's both possible, and in fact, encouraged to think about what classes you will be leveling and what you'll need when that happens.
Nobody really levels with jobs. Jobs are nice for their intended purpose, but they're meant to be more focused tools rather than all-purpose leveling machines. That means that for most of the game you're going to be using the classes, so you'll have a need for cross-class abilities to supplement yourself. Even the early dungeons into the mid-levels are meant for classes rather than jobs.

Have a plan
You can't switch classes yet, for example. But once you hit level 10, the world opens up for you, and suddenly you can do a lot more things. Then you get access to the airships at 15 and can do even more things, and you realize that crafting has a whole system, and there's the materia system and guildleves .
This is part of the reason the game is a bit more narrow until you get into the higher levels. You need to develop a plan and stick with it, something to give you a focal point to avoid getting buried in possible stuff.