Tips to Choose Living Skills Practicing for Making Plenty of FFXIV Gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-10-21 11:10:51
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FFXIV Gil is very important for FFXIV players, there are many methods for making FFXIV Gil, living skills practicing is a kind of useful and easy method for earning FFXIV Gil, but how can players choose the way of living skills practicing to make FFXIV Gil more effectively?


Metal ore materials needed for the production of the vast majority of cheap, and relatively wide surface of finished metal ingot market , many other lives will be used when producing career , do not say can make money , and then sell the finished metal ingots produced at least will not let you spend a lot of money on leveling. After the full level do faculties jewelry , generally also just two three raw materials , production process is simple . However bad luck out of 5 gem jewelry can also have 50K FFXIV Gil, let alone control this one will be able to sell 25K FFXIV Gil.

Like a tailor Level 30 required that what web -based materials to nearly 300K FFXIV Gil. A grade of material behind it cheaper , do flax linen categories of equipment needed , about 40 one, but to do that behind 35 volumes of wool , but also about a base material. Like cross levemete task sometimes a necessary cost nearly 10K FFXIV Gil. If the task assigned by HQ quality leveling faster, but it’s often required to pay the Department of combat equipment , lost shops are no longer marketable goods.There is, though tailors clothes production systems can do what , but damn mess materials needed , one will be so hairy skin but also what one would like metal ingots, in addition to doing the full level of the top few other production lines wear, basically lacks sources of income.

So you see we can use this method to rightly choose the way of living skills practicing, players can make FFXIV Gil more effectively and easily.