Tips to Farm FFXIV Gil in Final Fantasy XIV:Heavensward

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-05-29 06:43:30
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has come for long time so that you must be a hero among heroes. And then you could see how citizens of Eorzea make a living, and the currency FFXIV gil that can be use to buy equipments you need in the game. Here are some tips for you to farm ffxiv gil in coming Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward



To begin with, you can just buy ffxiv gil from This way is the best and easiest way for FFXIV gil. You can get the cheap FFXIV gil as soon as possible from Especially, you are urgently needed Final Fantasy XIV gil in the game, you must prefer to this way.

Second, you can get much ffxiv gil by doing quests in the game. Why? Doing quests in FFXIV can not only give FFXIV Gil, but also give you FFXIV Items that you can use to exchange FFXIV gil. For example, after you complete the quest Rising to the Challenge, you can gain much gil for FFXIV.

Third, doing FFXIV dungeons to get and save ffxiv gil. When you complete FFXIV Dungeons, you can get both rare items and FFXIV gil. When you get rare items, you can save much ffxiv gil becasue you do not need to buy the rare items with your FFXIV gil.