Travelling Around FFXIV with Cheap Gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-11-15 10:58:47
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Getting around is always a concern in large games like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. While the travel systems in the game uses a bit of FFXIV Gil, it’s more convenient than those found in other games. Read on for more.


The first mode of travel you will encounter on your FFXIV account is the Aetheryte travel system. Each major city and most towns have a will haven Aetheryte crystal players can attune as their “Home.” Using the Return ability will then send the player to this crystal at no FFXIV Gil cost.

Part of the Aetheryte system is the Aethernet Shards. This lets players move around the different city areas without using FFXIV Gil. Very efficient if you have FFXIV items you want to sell or store.

If you’re hauling some FFXIV items between cities, your best bet is to use the Airships. This transportation service found in the three main cities does not cost any FFXIV Gil to use. You will need to wait between trips though.

If you have some FFXIV Gil to spare, or just have a fear of heights, you can try out Ferries. If any of the characters in your FFXIV account are in Limsa Lominsa or Vesper Bay, they can ride a ferry to travel to either destination. Have a safe trip!