what can SE do to improve FFXIV PvP

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-06-12 11:31:09
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That is for both Wolves Den and Frontlines.Without going Calamity on it, what can they do to make it better?



1) Remove GC restrictions so that queues don't take 2 hours to get into one match that takes 10 minutes.

2) In 72 man instances, allow swapping of people between alliances. Having all 6 healers appear in the same party and forcing 3-4 of them to play another class they're not comfortable with, while the other 2 alliances argue over who has to go healer is not fun.

3) Allow a better system of getting rid of bots/afkers and replacing them in FL. Currently, you can kick someone after 5 minutes, but can't get a replacement with less than 10 minutes. Matches have 15 minute timers. So if you get a known bot or an afker, your options are let them get their reward for nothing, or kick them and be short a person the rest of the match.

4) They have a nice big chart at the end that shows how everyone did, which would, I don't know, allow people to assess their own performance but no, you have to get the fuck out and queue again or be stuck waiting to catch the next wave for 3 hours. Or just allow us to view the records from our last match. SOOOOO many dps get 1 kill/4 deaths match after match after match and I don't think they even realize their group contribution was -3 points. Kills aren't everything, you could even compare your damage to other people of your class' damage. If you're doing 25k damage and every other DRG is doing 80k, it should be a wake up call.

5) Massively up diminishing returns on crowd control. Make people actually have to THINK about when to sleep/stun/bind. The fact that you can be slept, stunned, bound for around 50 seconds (~27s of sleep, 6-8s of stuns, ~20s of binds, resets your immunity
after a minute) of every other minute is stupid.

6) Just lower all LB damage. It's stupid that any newbie melee can save up an LB and kill any high/fever person by pressing their built-in stun gap closer and melee LB. 4k when the base mage/healer hp is 3.7k is just stupid. 3k would still be a large chunk but we wouldn't have to tell people CONSTANTLY that you need vit gear. Caster LB, everyone knows is broken, doesn't really need to be explained. If crowd control was adjusted, it would help some, but also probably caster LB only needs to be ~1.5k instead of 2.1k. Then you have to stack at least 3 to wipe out people instead of 2, melee LB doesn't one shot anyone. It's supposed to be about coordination and defense, not face rolling LB's the whole match.

7) Half the high/fever kill reward in 24 mans. If you put drones instead of nodes because you only need 30 points, why is a fever person still worth 8? That's 26.6% of the total points needed, partnered with the OP nature of LB's, if I get fever in a 24 man, I just return to the landing and sit on my ass because at that point, my death is the end of the game.

8) PUT A FUCKING ITEM LEVEL REQUIREMENT ON FRONTLINES. The amount of fresh 50's who are ilvl 45 who queue in using i40 weapons is ridiculous. Would you join T5 at ilvl 50 if it was allowed? No, you're just a liability and a carry, don't do it in frontlines.

9) Better records of contributions. Like point contribution by drones you killed, damage to the middle nodes that divide up points. There are other ways to get points for your team besides that one last hit on someone, but right now, it's all about kills. The achievements/titles are also based on kills which doesn't have to be the only achivements. Add one for healing, Angel of Death, add one for tanking and using cover/mitigation, things to teach people that role in pvp. Making everything about kills just makes for teams of 8 dps and e-peen measuring.

10) Okay, personal pet peeve. SE "addressed" spawn camping by making us "invincible" when we leave our landing, BUT YOU CAN STILL BE CROWD CONTROLLED. So you hop off, get stunned/slept/bound/heavied until your invincibility wears off and they pick you off. Invincibility is invincibility, either take it back out or make it immunity to everything.