what to do to get the most experience fast in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-12-28 11:33:39
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In every MMO, players strive to reach end-game by spending countless hours grinding for experience points to level up. Sure, the grinding process may be a tad repetitive due to the type of things you are able to do, like doing endless quests that don’t offer any variety. In Final Fantasy XIV, fans don’t have to worry about that since every quest and various other level up tasks offer a variety that help fight bordeom.



Well, just what type of things we can do to get the most experience points possible?

Regular Quests
The very common thing to do in order to get experience is going through the main story and sidequests that are scattered throughout Eorzea. These quests can be triggered when you see a NPC with a ! above their head. As you level, different sets of quests will be unlocked and to see which ones opened up, make sure that you open up your map. The experience points that you will get in the game depends on your level. Let’s say you are level 35, the max level that you are able to get in every quest will range from 7900-8200


Another way to rack up that huge amount of experience points are by doing Levequest. In other MMOs, they call these Dailies/Daily quests which can be repeated a certain amount of time. Throughout Eorzea, primarily major towns, there will be a NPC that you can talk to who you can take on these quests. For every town, there are about five levequests that you can take. The objectives are more of the same thing, but it scales up as you level.
Every five levels gained will unlock new types of quests when it comes to leves. Some towns will only cater to some levels. For example, the ones in Girdania can only offer quests from Level 1-15, while others might require a much higher level like level 35-50.

As you play through the game, you will get to unlock Guildhests that will be available on the Dutyfinder. Just like levequests, you gain new quest at a certain level. In Guildhests, players will have to find a group in order to take on various challenges. What the Guildhests offers is like a mini instance that challenges players in taking down high profiled enemies in a certain amount of time.

Guildhests isn’t the best way to grind for experience points as once you’ve completed it, you’ll notice that the experience points that you received are not greater than the regular or levequests.Good luck and have fun all guys !