What You Need Do to Choose Your Main Craft

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-01-09 11:24:49
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Choose Your Main Craft,It’s pricey to level a crafting class, and it’s even more pricey when you reach lvl 50 because you need to materia up your crafting gears for 2 star and 3 star recipes. You can level several crafts at the same time to save time and teleport money but before you choose, here are some points you need to consider:


1.Choose crafting classes that are based in the same town. You don’t want to travel that much.
1).Gridania: Carpenter, Leatherworker.
2).Limsa Lominsa: Armorer, Blacksmith, Culinarian.
3).Ul’dah: Alchemist, Goldsmith, Weaver.

2.Choose crafting classes that use the same supplier (Miner, Botanist, Fisher– I will talk about this next)

3.Chose crafting classes that benefit you the most. If they’re in different towns then it’s your choice whether to level them together or separately. Here are some suggestions:
1.All classes: Alchemist, Culinarian, Goldsmith.
2.Tank classes: Armorer, Blacksmith.
3.Healers and casters: Weaver.
4.Melee and Archers: Leatherworker.
5.Alchemist: Arcanist weapons, Conjurer one-handed wands.
6.Carpenter: Conjurer two-handed staffs, Lancer weapons, Archer weapons. Conjurer and Thaumaturge shields.
7.Goldsmith: Pugilist and Thaumaturge weapons.