What You Should Know About FFXIV Fan Fest

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-11-09 11:29:42
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There is more than one month away from Tokyo Fan fest for FFXIV. Fan fest is a convention for in-game friends to meet and regroup. The festival includes several activities, but with the limitations. In this article, what you should know about fan festival is given.




Because you only have three computer activities and three mini-games, there isn't a way for attendees who are participating in said activities to spread out. If you're cosplaying, fit your footwear for extra comfort. If you're not, don't be bold with your choice of shoes. Thus many people complained about getting foot injuries from standing in lines.


Test and prepare all cosplay elements previously


Don't think you know whether or not something will fit or be comfortable. It just isn't worth it - test and try on everything. Don't wait until last minute, either. Give yourself at least a few days to ensure you have time to pick up any additional items to make your cosplay a comfortable experience.


Social benefits with some cards


For those of you who don't have business cards, however, I highly recommend you print out some cards with your picture, e-mail, and social media handles. You will do a lot more socializing than you expect, and you'll met tons of great people (some may be on your server, some may not). If you don't want to just hand your phone number out to everyone and keep track of phone contacts, exchanging social media information is your best bet.


Make sure your email settings correct


You had to have an active subscription, and also be a part of Square Enix's Newsletter. Someone in my Free Company actually did meet the requirements, and never got the code. He followed instructions on contacting Square to get a code so he could get tickets, but by the time they responded to him, the tickets were already sold out (and mind you, the convention hall could have held a lot more people and still been comfortable to walk around in, but again, they need more things for attendees to do). It is strongly believed that people who attended the last fest or played Final Fantasy XI and/or 1.0 should have priority for event tickets.


Don't rely on panels to get your questions answered


The panelists alternated between the questions on the cards and picking people from the crowd. Sadly, most of the questions were useless, stupid, and a waste of time. You either took your chances getting called on during the panel itself, or you turned in a little card with your question on it beforehand, and gamble on it getting picked out of the bag. 


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