Why not take some time to help others and build the community

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-23 01:25:39
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As a game player,what can you do besides playing the game to level up? Have you ever thought of this question? Ok ,discuss it with your friends or me ,just a few minutes.

The storyline was absolutely amazing and left you wanting more. You enjoyed the hell out of the leveling process. However, you want a break from questing or doing dungeons for a little bit .


This is one of your favorite things to do in an MMO as you can tell . Once I feel comfortable with a topic and an opportunity presents itself, writing a guide or article on a topic is the best way to educate others and help people understand. Personally, it also helps me grasp the topic more as well.

This game has an immense amount of depth and there is always something you can know more about. Whether it’s diving into advanced crafting or becoming more familiar with the abilities and rotation of another class, educating yourself with more knowledge about the game is always a wise choice.

Take the time to answer a question in /shout, help a lowbie with a quest or dungeon and simply be kind to people and how to exchange by ffxiv gil . The community is the most important part of an MMO – never forget that. FFXIV not only brings in non-legacy players, but also Final Fantasy fans who have simply never played an MMO before.