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By Customer - Oct 31, 2013

a nice shopping again!GOOD!!!

By Customer - Oct 30, 2013

low price ,high quality service,I'm very happy.

By Customer - Oct 29, 2013

i must tell you that ive been using ffxiv4gil for a long time at it still provides the best service than others!!!

By Customer - Oct 28, 2013

once again i am a happy customer of yours.

By Customer - Oct 26, 2013

I can say the site is amazing. Friendly service, timely delivery, and competitively priced. I love this site..

By Customer - Oct 25, 2013

Cheap prices and everyone is nice.

By Customer - Oct 24, 2013

Completely safe, Fast, and Reliable. You will never find a more trustworthy site..

By Customer - Oct 23, 2013

This is definatley a service ill be using again, i'm really happy right now

By Customer - Aug 27, 2013

I bought FFXIV Powerleveling from them, the guys are very professional and they finished my order at 1-50 very quick. Thanks a lot. I will recommend you to all my friends definitely!

By Customer - Aug 27, 2013

This site is the best site ever to buy gold. Im always a bit scared when i go to those sites, but this site is very trustable, fast, and a good service! First i did a test if it really worked with 1M and it worked, i got it really fast too. Now im gonna buy one from 2M (; This is the best transfer site ive seen yet!

By Customer - Aug 27, 2013

Excellent place. I read online reviews and went forward with my first purchase. It all went smoothly and fast! I came back and made a larger purchase. I am satifisted with the services and will definitely be back. The customer support is awesome. They were very helpful and were there with me throughout my purchases.

By Customer - Aug 27, 2013

I am happy with the service and feel confident with the online security and shopping experience. It makes me more receptive to shopping on your site again. Great job! Thank you!

By Customer - Aug 27, 2013

It is a verry good service! i ordered Power leveling from lvl 1-50 with my FFXIV, and it went perfect. They leveled him without any problems. They are much cheaper! i can truly recommend this site for powerlevel!

By Customer - Aug 27, 2013

ive made a couple purchases here, and always have recieved within 20 minutes. the prices are decent and the customer support is great. AWESOME!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

By Customer - Aug 27, 2013

This was the great site I could find on the Internet for buying game gold. Competitive price, good communication and excellent delivery service. I would highly recommend this site




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