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Final Fantasy XIV's Behemoth Invading Monster Hunter World

Do you know what tease Square Enix gave us back in E3 2018? Rathalos invaded the Azim Steppe in Final Fantasy XIV and later on, Behemoth invading Monster Hunter Globe. The super-hyped tease didn't come with a release date but they lastly released it yesterday! The crossover featuring Behemoth will happen for Monster Hunter Planet beginning August 1, 7 PM (PT). That is 10 AM on August two for GMT +8.

FFXIV Heaven-on-High Guide on New Deep Dungeon

As you know, the new deep dungeon is out! The newest Deep Dungeon joins the ranks of Palace of the Dead as the subsequent 100 floors for you as well as your mates to conquer. This dungeon, in specific, seems to be an additional "hardcore" version of what you realize.

Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.35 Patch Notes Have Arrived

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.35 has arrived, which includes Heaven-on-High, Even Further Hildibrand Adventures, and more. Let's dive into this content!

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