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The Full Final Fantasy XIV Interview about the MMO Challenge

A large element of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s achievement has been down to its narrative. More than with lots of MMOs, intrigue as towards the future direction of Final Fantasy XIV’s plot benefits in players sticking about for the lengthy haul, dedicating themselves to playing their part inside the unfolding events. Possessing such an effect on players is no simple feat.

Final Fantasy XIV - All Saints Wake Event Coming Soon

FFXIV All Saints Wake will come soon, this indicates the season for frights and delights is again. But even as townsfolk and adventurers alike arrange cheerful jack-o'-lanterns and miniature ghosts by their doors, inside the shadows lurk the Continental Circus and its sinister secrets.

4 Things You Need to Know If You Are New to FFXIV Warrior

FFXIV Warriors are savage mercenaries born from beastmastery. Wielding greataxes they will unleash magnificent damage to block enemies from reaching their brothers-in-arms, whilst excelling inside the art of causing discomfort. If you are new to the Warrior, here are 4 things you need to know.

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