FFXIV Tank Mount Guide

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2022-09-20 15:22:22
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Each tank class in Final Fantasy XIV can earn some advantages, and the tank mounts are one of them. Every tank class has one exclusive mount which in turn comes in two earnable variants. But these mounts can take quite a while to farm. So read on as we show the best tank mount guide, including how to get them and rank them.


FFXIV Tank Mount Guide

What are tank mounts in Final Fantasy XIV?

Each tank class in FFXIV can earn a pair of special mounts by excelling at their role and earning the appropriate achievements. They come in two variants, each earned through successive achievements — the War and Battle variants.

Here are the 8 tank mounts you can get:

1. Warrior:

    • War Bear
    • Battle Bear

2. Paladin:

    • War Lion
    • Battle Lion

3. Dark Knight:

    • War Panther
    • Battle Panther

4. Gunbreaker:

    • War Tiger
    • Battle Tiger

How to get tank mounts fast in Final Fantasy XIV?

Each tank mount is essentially unlocked in the same way: by completing a certain number of duties. The details are as follows:

1. For the Warrior, Paladin, and Dark Knight

For the Warrior, Paladin, and Dark Knight classes, the achievement to earn is "But Somebody's Gotta Do It," which requires you to complete 200 high-level duties as the class associated with the achievement.

Here are duties that are considered to be high-level:

    • Raids: Savage
    • Trials: Extreme
    • Dungeons, raids, and trials at level 50/60/70

It's the fastest wayto unlockg it, with a completion time of around one minute with gear over level 500. You can also look for a group whowantst to farm the mount and do it with them, which will speed up the process and make it more enjoyable.

2. For the Gunbreaker

The Gunbreaker mount achievement is called "Tank you, Gunbreaker II". It requires you to complete 200 dungeons over level 61, extreme and unreal trials, the dungeon level 50/60/70 roulette, or leveling roulette while playing the class.

How to upgrade the tank mounts in Final Fantasy XIV?

Upgrading the tank mounts require the same things as the previous achievements but with 500 completions this time.

Ranking the best tank mounts in Final Fantasy XIV

1. War Bear / Battle Bear

When you think about animals and tanks, a bear is absolutely at the top of the list. It's an absolute unit of a mount, with the War Bear variant sporting a tall shoulder ridge and a bloody stain over its head. The Battle Bear variant looks even more aggressive; with the horned and spiked armor of dark grey contrasting with reds; it seems like a nasty wrecking ball. When it comes to the bare necessities for what a tank mount should be, the Battle Bear knocks it out of the park.

2. War Panther / Battle Panther

Rounding out our feline trio are the Panther mounts, ridden into battle by the Dark Knight class. It barely looks like a panther at all. With weird antennae and taller silhouettes than normal panthers, they look like shredding machines deserving of the tank mount title. Its colour scheme is magnificent red and black to match Dark Knight. What really sets War Panther different for me is because its inspiration, the Coeurl, can only be found in Final Fantasy. They use a move called Blaster that paralyses opponents and makes them look like panthers or leopards.

3. War Lion / Battle Lion 

As is expected of the Paladin class, their mounts are proud and noble lions which are majestic and bulky enough to appear like they could carry a tank into battle. This mount is all gallant and stuff, and is pretty much exactly what you'd picture when you think "lion mount for Paladin character." Significantly less cringe than the panther of course, so it gets the next spot up.

4. War Tiger / Battle Tiger

The Gunbreaker class can earn the sabertooth tiger mounts that seem a bit out of place with the tank class. The kitty is cool looking, it has sabretooth tusks, a full set of armor (with boots and an undershirt!), and a Rhino horn for reasons. But esthetically would fit better for a DPS class and doesn't evoke the "Gunbreaker" when you see it.

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