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There exist five methods to trade

1. After adding FFXIV Friend Quest successfully, we'll deliver the FFXIV Gil you purchased

2. Using Marketplace Board to initiate a trade

3. We can deposit your puchased FF14 Gil to your own FC chest

4. You also can buy FFXIV Items you need directly

5. Face-to-Face trade is also available

All the above solutions are 100% safe, however, what we suggest the most is the very first method.


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About FFXIV Gil

In FFXIV, you need a lot of Gil—the world's currency. Whether it is for gear, items, crafting, or housing, you need Gil for it. Here is how to get it: Sell Popular Glamor Gear; Complete Weeklies/Dailies; Hunt And Sell Minions; Join Map Parties; Join Map Parties; Earn And Sell Rewards From Wondrous Tails; Get Into Gardening; Craft Things Needed For Class Quests; Send Retainers On Ventures; Run Expert Roulette And Sell Materia; Craft Housing Decorations; Sell Loot From Heaven On High Or Palace Of The Dead; Level Gathering Classes; Make And Sell Boss Themed Weapons; Buying From NPCS And Re-Selling On The Market Board. Whatever your approach, if you use some common sense and apply yourself, you can make significant quantities of Gil in the game. Have a great day and many profits.


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