How to Use the Market Board in Final Fantasy XIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2022-09-28 11:44:11
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The Market Board is an excellent Final Fantasy XIV tool, allowing players to sell and buy items. But if you have never entered a user-run market before, things might be a bit confusing. Fortunately, this guide shows everything you need to know about the Market Board and how to use it in Final Fantasy 14.


How to Use the Market Board in Final Fantasy XIV?

What is a Market Board?

The Market Board in "Final Fantasy 14" is essentially the interface for the in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell items.

Where is the Market Board?

FFXIV Market Board is accessible in the market districts of the main city-states and the residential area. All market boards in each city are connected. However, there is a small fee for buying items sold in another city.

How to Use the Market Board?

There are multiple applications of the Market board in Final Fantasy XIV. Check the below to become a fluent user of the Market Board interface:

1. Browsing

Players can use the board to look for in-game items put up by other players for purchase. The board has a search function that allows players to look for items by name or search for items by type.

2. Searching

Various filters are available for those looking to buy from the Market Board. These items can be broken down by level, class, job, and gear slot. Players can even check the Partial Match bar to include items that don't match every search criteria.

3. Checking Prices

Once a search is inputted, players can see which items are available for sale. Items with listings will have more than zero results. Select the item you're interested in, and the item's price will be shown. 

4. Wish List

1). If items are too expensive when searched, they can be saved for later. Right-click an item and select Add to Wish List from the subcommands list if you want to grab them later.

2). Players can view their wishlist whenever they like by selecting the heart icon at the bottom left section of the Market Board.

3). Removing items from the wishlist is as simple as right-clicking the item in the Wish list tab and selecting the Remove from Wish List option.

How to Sell on the Market Board?

To sell on the market board, you will need to get a retainer and use them to list items from your inventory or your retainer's inventory. Once an item has sold, the Final Fantasy 14 Gil will automatically be deposited to your retainer, and you can pick it up.

Here is what you need to be aware of when selling items on the market board:

1. Do Not Sell in Increments of 99

Although posting that stack of 99 Ash Logs on the Market is tempting, it's the worst way to get a listing sold. Selling items in small increments is a much more efficient way to get items sold. 

2. Update Prices Every Few Hours

Much like the real-world economy, FFXIV's Market prices change by the hour. Therefore, you will need to repeatedly check to readjust the price to keep up with your competition. Generally, you want to offer a better deal than your competitors to ensure that your item will sell.

3. Do Not Go With the Flow

As other players continue to lower their prices, items quickly lose all value. The best way to combat this severe undercutting is to hold off for a few days. After the Market Board mongers have purchased all the cheap listings, a patient player can then list their item and set the basis for the next undercutting cycle.

4. Sell More Than Just Your Junk

Players who only sell junk aren't likely to become Gillionaires. To increase earnings, players need to become proactive in their selling. One way to do this is to take advantage of crafting jobs and crafting logs.

5. Take Advantage of World Hopping

Those who become familiar with the game's economy may consider visiting other worlds and buying stock to sell back home. Each world has its trends, and while high ticket items tend to stay stagnant worldwide, smaller ticket items like fabrics and metals always have price disparities.

How to Buy on the Market Board?

As long as you have the Gil in your wallet, you can be using Market Boards to buy items, and it's a relatively straightforward process:

One way to do this is simply to walk over to the local market board and interact with it to open the buying menu. In this menu, you can very quickly whittle down the selection of items you'd like to find. Simply skim through the icons on the left side of the menu until you find the category of item that you're looking for. Once you've found it, the menu will suggest a list of items in the field on the right. Once you select something you'd like to shop for, the menu will open a list of sellers currently selling that item, adjusted to show you the lowest-priced item first. 

If you are looking for a super-specific item and don't feel like perusing a whole list, simply type your desired item's name into the search bar. Searching requires you to type in the exact spelling of that item by default. To bypass this requirement, make sure to enable the "Partial Match" feature above the search bar.

That's the basics of buying and selling on the Market Board. If you do not have enough Gil to buy the items, you'd better buy FFXIV Gil from