11 Tips For Playing The White Mage Class in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-11-04 13:24:37
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Following our release of the guide on how to earn Final Fantasy 14 Gil, today we will bring tips on how to play the White Mage class well.

White Mage is the original healing class and one of Final Fantasy XIV's most beginner-friendly healer jobs. Here are some tips you need to know to help you get the most out of your White Mage.


11 Tips For Playing The White Mage Class in FFXIV

1. Burn through your lilies

At the latter levels, White Mages get lilies. For every 30 seconds of combat, they get a lily which is a complementary healing spell. A White Mage can hold three lilies at a time, so always use them to make room for more later. Once they use three lilies, they access the blood lily and unlock the White Mages' most potent attack.

2. Save Swiftcast for your raise spell

Swiftcast is a spell a lot of magic users get that allows one spell to be instantly cast. The best spell for White Mage is their Raise. Bringing back players from the dead can mean life or death for the party as a whole, so the quicker they are up, the better.

3. Don't position yourself next to tanks

Tanks in Final Fantasy 14 bear the brunt of enemy fire to draw attention away from their party members. They are designed to take heavy damage, but healers like White Mages are not. If you stand too close to your tank, enemies will target you. This may end up costing you your life and your party members as you'll be unable to heal them.

4. Be very careful when using rescue

Healers like White Mages get the controversial spell: Rescue. This spell drags other players to where the White Mage is. This, at particular times, can save the life of your fellow players. At the wrong time, though, it will do far more harm than good.

5. Prioritize heals on yourself and other healers

Although a healer's job is to keep their party alive, you should always heal yourself or your other healer first. If you die, especially if you're the only healer, your party members will likely fall with you, resulting in a team wipe.

6. Always keep regen on the tank

It is common White Mage practice to have Regen on the party tank constantly. The tank's job is to take all the damage, so it is guaranteed at all times that regen will be of use to them. It also allows the White Mage to focus on other matters for 18 seconds, such as damage output or healing the DPS players. Once at higher levels, they may not use regen as much.

7. Get used to checking if players need Esuna

White Mages can be pretty split on what should be prioritized in terms of Esuna. Advice-wise though, Esuna has such a quick cast-time that it is best to just cast it on whatever debuff you see in the party. The players will likely commend that extra effort.

8. Place your bubbles strategically

A bubble should be placed where the combat is happening so that melee players can still hit their targets while being buffed. Usually, it is a good idea to place bubbles on tanks since they are the ones that are supposed to be taking the brunt of enemy damage. Also, be sure to place a bubble at the beginning of a fight that will last a while.

9. Don't bother with the Cure I once you get Cure II

Most players agree that Cure I is irrelevant once Cure II is unlocked. Sure, if you cast Cure I enough, then you may get a free cast of Cure II without expending mana. If you play low-level dungeons, keep Cure I on your Hotbar. Maybe keep it on keys you do not often use, though, if you are high level.

10. Know when to heal and when to damage

While you should always prioritize healing over damage, when your allies are not in danger, you should be dealing out as much damage as possible. Solely focusing on recovery will slow down your party's progress as enemies will take considerably more time to kill.

11. Don't be afraid to spam Holy in mobs

Holy is a monstrous spell. This spell is best used in mobs. At that moment, be sure to stand in the mob after the tank gets all of their aggro under control. Once they are after the tank, stop pulling, stand in the mob, and spam Holy.

These are some of the tips we use to play the White mage class well. Do you have any other ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!