18 Tips to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-09-10 03:34:27
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Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is essential to a player's experience and progression in-game. So there are a variety of ways to make Gil in the game. However, some methods of farming Gil are better than others. Below, I outline 18 tips to farm Final Fantasy XIV Gil to make you rich.


18 Tips to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

1. Completing Quests

Many players skip quests, especially side quests. However, these quests can be a quick and reliable method of obtaining more Gil. Completing quests for Gil can be done in the background as the player partakes in other methods of making money, giving the player a constant income stream for completing mostly simple tasks.

2. Completing Dungeons

Not only is completing dungeons a good way to earn Gil, but the player may obtain rare pieces of equipment as a reward as well. If the player does not need this gear, it can usually be sold for a reasonable price to either a vendor or another player. This method of making Gil goes hand in hand with the previous method of completing quests. To continue unlocking more and more dungeons, players must complete certain quests and meet certain level requirements, which can be achieved through questing.

3. Buying From NPCS And Re-Selling On The Market Board

Players can do look for what is re-sellable on the market board. Re-selling these items is typically profitable because you are basically converting what is only sold via special currency into Gil.

4. Make And Sell Boss Themed Weapons

Boss-themed weapons are often the hottest items on the market board. The more difficult the boss, the more likely the weapon will sell for more Gil. However, be careful and check the market board daily to see their prices. They can spike or totally become cheap one day.

5. Level Gathering Classes

Gathering classes will not get you as much Gil as crafting, but it doesn't cost anything. If you look on the market board at what is selling for decent Gil that is gather-able, you can go ahead and gather while working on something else. It is an easy task to do while working on something else.

6. Sell Loot From Heaven On High Or Palace Of The Dead

Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High are special dungeons that are best for leveling classes quickly — they also have very special loot. Whatever loot that you get from these dungeons is likely worth selling.

7. Craft Housing Decorations

Crafting furniture is a huge moneymaker. Players with homes get really into decorating their yards & interior and are happy to spend loads of Gil to have the perfect home.

8. Run Expert Roulette And Sell Material

Roulettes are a slow and steady way to make Gil. Not only do you automatically get a bit of Gil, but you can get loot worth selling. Level 80 players can do Expert Roulettes and get the best of the best material that is currently available. Selling that material on the market board every day will add up the Gil rather nicely.

9. Send Retainers On Ventures

Whenever you can, send your retainers out on ventures. There is a chance they will come back with loot you can sell.

10. Craft Things Needed For Class Quests

Class quests make for dependable income for players wanting Gil. Because many players go to the market board and buy items rather than taking the time and care to craft them themselves. If you look up what items are required to complete class quests, craft a bunch of that item and watch as players line up and buy it.

11. Get Into Gardening

This way of making Gil is for the more patient players, but it can reap big rewards. One of the most profitable but time-consuming plants players can grow is thavnairian onions, as players use these onions to level up their Chocobo companions.

12. Earn and Sell Rewards from Wondrous Tails

Wondrous Tails is a level 60 weekly activity that allows players to complete old content to earn rewards. Each week, players can accept a new journal from Khloe in Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:6.1), which offers a bingo-like system, where players complete trials, raids, and dungeons to earn seals and hope they score a line or two (or three). Some top-tier gear can be sold on the market board for a hefty profit, but even the lesser items can get a nice price.

13. Sell Rewards from Eureka

There is a multitude of tasks that players can undertake in Eureka and plenty that offers rewards too. Some of these rewards are prime profit-makers when put on the market board, such as the Final Fantasy 11-themed minions earned from the FATEs in Eureka.

14. Join Map Parties

If you get a map, it may be far better to keep rather than sell. It can be a bit of a gamble, but lucky players can walk out of map dungeons with far more money than they spent on the map in the first place.

15. Hunt and Sell Minions

A fair few minions are sellable on the market board, and many players earn Gil by seeing which minions are currently worth the most and then hunting them down to sell.

16. Complete Weeklies/Dailies

Final Fantasy XIV offers various tasks and challenges that reset daily or weekly. Both can be a great way of earning some extra Gil. Dailies include roulettes and beastmen quests, both of which can earn Gil as rewards or material. Additionally, a weekly challenge log can earn players some easy Gil just by ticking off various tasks.

17. Sell Popular Glamor Gear

Glamor gear goes for millions, so anyone who wins these from the Kupo of Fortune mini-game can easily make some fast money. So players should watch fashion trends and earn/craft the sought-after items to make some Gil.

18. Doing Guildleve or Levequests

Guildleves or Levequests are repeatable quests players can perform to earn experience, Gil, and items. Unlike regular quests, which can only be performed once per character, levequests can be performed repeatedly if the player has Leve allowances.

Employing the aforementioned tips can help any player gain a boost in getting the money they need for the items they desire. Please check carefully! Also, for more guides, tips, and opinions on Final Fantasy XV, check out ffxiv4gil.com.