4 New Hair Styles Released in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-04-26 13:35:49
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The official website has just released some quite 4 new hairstyles which are going to show in Heavensward expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, there are both 2 for male characters and 2 for female characters. Now let us have a look on these beautiful hair styles!

The male characters (A):
This one is a topknot hairstyle that almost all FFXIV players have been waiting for while even if they didn't know it yet!



Here is a Fits which is so cool with the Japanese style gear.


The male characters (B):
This is a new hair style which looks pretty fit right in with the characters’ facial hair.


Here's another outlook with the same hairstyle without facial hair.



The female characters (A):
I think that most of you will fell in love with the ponytail!



The female characters (B):
such a cutest character with this Braided pigtails



Can you still be calm with those beautiful characters? So come on, join the FFXIV to own these cute and handsome characters in the game. We do recommend you guys to play this game. And buy plenty of the FFXIV Gil for preparing to buy the beautiful hair style or clothes to decorate your character. Do hope you can adventures in this game and full enjoy with FFXIV.