4 Things You Need to Know If You Are New to FFXIV Warrior

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-10-09 09:19:37
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FFXIV Warriors are savage mercenaries born from beastmastery. Wielding greataxes they will unleash magnificent damage to block enemies from reaching their brothers-in-arms, whilst excelling inside the art of causing discomfort. If you are new to the Warrior, here are 4 things you need to know.



NO.1 How do I grow to be a Warrior?


You need to level a Marauder to 30 and also as full the Sylph-management MSQ. If you've met these specifications and have enough Final fantasy xiv gil, return for the Marauder's Guild in Limsa Lominsa and do the WAR quest to get the "Soul on the Warrior". Equip the soul crystal and you will automatically upgrade your MRD to WAR.


NO.2 What's the Warrior playstyle?


Warriors are a versatile job class, they do a decent amount of harm and tank effectively. This tends to make them beneficial within a celebration as they will tank or off-tank and do some direct damage when needed. Defiance is often a utility talent that basically says "Beef up and attacks me". This really is quite nicely accompanied by the rest from the Warrior abilities that deal harm devoid of seeing the damage penalty of Defiance. Steel Cyclone will be an important ability in gathering adds whilst doing boss fights.


The entire "Wrath" and "Infuriated" Warrior technique add a completely new layer of gameplay for the Marauder. Studying its ins and outs will separate a fantastic Warrior from an undesirable one!


FFXIV Warrior


NO.2 What are excellent Warrior stats?


Simply, get as a great deal STR and VIT as you are able to. It would seriously rely on the playing style you need to use. Our preference will be to obtain somewhat greater STR vs VIT. On gear and materia you may have a lot of options. STR/VIT, HP or Enmity would be very good selections.


NO.4 Basic rundown for everyone somewhat new to Warrior:


It is actually significantly better for you personally to pull the boss. Warriors have absolutely insane enmity generation within the very first 20 seconds from the fight devoid of obtaining to sacrifice DPS, don't let it visit waste. When the other tank wants to key tank you may swap following by utilizing Shirk.

When applying for Inner Release, you wish to often land 5 FCs and fit your Upheaval and Onslaught in it at the same time. When you aren't in a position to land all 5 FCs you probably popped IR also soon or your GCD is as well slow. 

Keep away from applying Defiance when you find yourself comfy having a fight and not in danger of dying, you'll be able to nevertheless go into Defiance with minimal penalty when you use Unchained. 

Sustain Storm's Eye at all times. 

Prevent using Butcher's Block combo unless it's essential for threat generation.

Use Inner Release, Upheaval, and Infuriate on cooldown. 

Onslaught to have back towards the boss whenever you get knocked back or need to move out for any mechanic.

Never enable your Beast Gauge to overcap. If your next GCD will place your Beast Gauge above 100, invest it on Upheaval, FC/IB, Decimate/Cyclone, or Onslaught. Make sure Infuriate is used at 50 gauge or below to ensure you do not overcap when applying it.

AoE Priority (3+ targets)

If mobs will survive for any even though longer make sure Storm's Eye is up. When dealing with mobs that have very low well being you could ignore Storm's Eye as they die promptly and doing 3 more AoE attacks will outweigh the 10% damage bonus from Eye. 

Use Inner Release and spam Decimate

Can use Steel Cyclone rather for elevated safety, but lower harm.

Continue applying Decimate until you run out of gauge

Spam Overpower

Deliverance Equilibrium to recover TP if needed

Use Vengeance for the 55 potency counterattacks if out there


Note that this list is usually a generic quick-list guide, and just isn't meant for optimization. This list will just pump your numbers to a somewhat respectable level. Once you have familiarized yourself using the fundamentals, we'll go into specifics.