A Glimpse at FFXIV Patch 3.4 Main Scenario and Dungeon

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-09-13 10:09:51
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Patch 3.4-Soul Surrender is scheduled to release on September 27. In today’s preview, you can catch a glimpse at what new adventures await in the main scenario and two new dungeons-Xelphatol and the Great Gubal Library (Hard).



Main Scenario Quests:
After a thousand years of bloodshed and sorrow, the shade of Nidhogg, rage incarnate, fell at last to the Warrior of Light. So it was that the Dragonsong War drew to a close, and the survivors, bloodied but unbowed, could begin to pick up the pieces. A new day dawns in Ishgard, and her champions may rest easy-if only for a moment. For every ending marks a new beginning.

Xelphatol: Forced to flee the Black Shroud for fear of the elementals and their boundless wrath, the Ixal settled the windswept mountains of Xelphatol more than five hundred and fifty years ago. Since that day, they have labored tirelessly to eke out an existence in these harsh and unforgiving lands, slowly but surely expanding their dominion over the entire region. Yet the Ixal have never forgotten that which was once denied them, and so they seek divine intervention once more─to summon Garuda and beseech her strike down their enemies. In the shadow of the First Mountain, the ritual nears completion, as a brave hero once more races against time to deliver the realm from destruction.

Hard Mode Dungeon
The Great Gubal Library (Hard): Though long-since abandoned by its Sharlayan keepers, the Great Gubal Library does not want for visitants, its halls ever stirring with the voidsent guardians who walk its corridors. With danger at every turn, the fool who dares trespass here would find not wisdom but certain doom. Yet it was not long ago that an intrepid adventurer braved the deepest depths of this forbidding vault of knowledge, returning unscathed and wiser for the experience─a feat of daring that would be sung of the realm over. Mayhap that is why an anonymous individual would beseech that selfsame champion to return in search of long-forgotten knowledge. One can only hope this venture proves yet another enlightening lesson.

Except for new main scenario and two dungeons, there are additional story and side quests, apartments and other housing features, a trial, adjustments to pvp and battle skills in the new update. Those updates will definitely bring fantastic and amazing challenge, different from patch 3.3, the PVP and main scenario quests are largely improved and changed. Let’s wait for the update together!

Besides, some gamer want to suggest that the official can make some improvement on the job quests:
They’re very boring. I get that they have to be simple/easy because they are barriers that lead to necessary spells and skills needed to progress, but they are just so boring. I am not saying the challenges or fights need to be harder, I am saying the story/plot needs to be a bit more compelling. I've gotten about 7 classes to 60 so far, and the plots are pretty shallow. If any devs are reading this, go research the plot of some of the FFXI artifact quests, specifically BLU, SMN, DRG, SCH. I hope job quests in 4.0 have a bit more substance to make them more interested and to get us hyped on the job. MSQ and Hildeebrand stories have strong stories. I know it’s difficult to make 13+ stories all unique and interesting, but some of these are so boring and job lore is supposed to be one of the more interesting aspects of an FF game.