A Mount to be Added in FFXIV PvP Season 3

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-11-02 04:41:57
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The FFXIV developer posted a notice that Feast Season 2 will be closed on November 1, and then it will be featuring Season 3. What's more, the rewards will be different than before. 


As the developer mentioned, "In a previous episode of the official Japanese PvP stream "Adrenaline Rush TV" Yoshida mentioned that the rewards for the Feast will drastically change every two seasons. This means the reward for Season 3 would be something different." The image of reward may be alike the below picture that developer mentioned.



The third season of The Feast will be adding a mount reward as part of the team's initiative to have dramatic reward changes every two seasons. While information about the mount is limited, the blog post does mention that the mystery mount will be capable of flight.


The mount looks a bit like an alternate version of the infamous Behemoth with its dramatic horns. Of course, it could also be another dragon. In any case, the mount looks very appealing and we're eager to see what else The Feast's third season will bring!


You can check what the developer said on the post. You players must be excited about the upcoming The Feast Season 3. Of course, our website still provide you with cheap FFXIV gil! Keep an eye on us. And also we will be updating the latest news about FFXIV.