A series of success that final fantasy xiv has made in different aspects

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-24 09:31:57
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Most of us is eager to success,so how to make success? It is a question that we should have a seat and discuss sincerely.First ,we go to see the success of ffxiv and then contintu our topic.

The game also track certain special deeds on the lodestone history of the character besides the in-game success,, such as defeating Ifrit in less than 10 minutes. To view those, simply search a player character on the lodestone website and click "History".


It should be noted that those success are independent of platform, and therefore the PS3 version will have a different set of PSN success that may overlap with some of the in game ones.

Each success is worth a certain number of points , and completing some of them unlock special titles or grant powerful equipment rewards, that can be claimed by speaking with a NPC. Final Fantasy XIV tracks several success related to many activities such as ffxiv power leveling and gathering.

Each success category must be unlocked by speaking with a NPC labeled with a medal on the game map.The development team released a list of content that will be unavailable after the transition to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on 7/27/2012. Several of the Success, particularly those related to the Seventh Umbral Era storyline and involving the current maps. These are marked with an asterisk .