A special fishing course which is different from your school class

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-27 02:28:01
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Did you remember the time that you have class in the classroom with your classroom? Do you want to back to the school and have class again ? If so , come here and listen to a special course about fishing in ffxiv.

Fisherman in FFXIV uses both the traditional Fishing Rods of older Final Fantasy games, and an additional tool called a Spear and Gig, for what they call Spearfishing. Different commands are given on the menu one is the Fish Command and the other Command.

The fishing requires players to set, the Depth of the water you fish, and the wait, jig and cancel command. There are 5 areas in the jig cursor, left, middle left, center, middle right and right, in order to hook the fish, you must choose the right “hook area”. Hook areas use a process of elimination as long as the depth has not been changed.

To successfully catch a fish and win enough ffxiv gil, you need to jig and place your round marker in relation to the position of your fishing rod, in early levels mostly the position of the rod is in the middle or slightly left, therefore the successes of player catching a fish and gaining experience points is relative to the players reflex to stop the round indicator right in the middle/slightly middle left of the semi circle positional meter.

The fishing courses are offered by a staff, Marco, who have studied into the tactics of farming Final Fantasy XIV GIL as a fisherman since the closed beta.So I can benefit a lot from it ,what about you?