Aetherflow Addon Comes to Beta Soon & Alive for FFXIV in February

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-01-19 13:10:33
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Good news for Final Fantasy XIV fans! The alpha of Aetherflow add-on framework is coming to the end on Jan 22, followed by it is the open beta. While enjoying the game with cheapest ff14 gils for sale on ffxiv4gil, make sure you won’t miss it is the final phase of this Game Changer to test usage before it goes to public in early February!

Definition of Aetherflow and its’ function in ffxiv

Similar to the ACT, Aetherflow is an add-on framework that can run completely inside the game, allowing gamers to use Lua addons to read data from the game and draw overlays using directx, etc, exactly in the same fashion like WoW. Developed by CoderMog, Icehunter (ffxiv app), and Ravahn (ffxiv act plugin), the add-on will be unofficially released for FFXIV in February to give players everything they want in the game. Once available, it will include unit frames, chat bubbles, weakauras, custom mounted music, nameplates, and even party frames. And its’ abilities include using custom fonts, sounds, draw geometries, images, icons, windows, buttons, almost anything a WoW addon can do. In a word, it is a game changer that gives you varying helps and conveniences through the game.

Open beta of Aetherflow will come in later January

The closed Alpha of Aetherflow is running to its’ end soon, and according to the developers, they will have an open beta when the alpha finishes on January 22. However, different from the Alpha that targeted compatibility testing and addon development, the Beta will target addon usage testing. If you are interested in it, you can register on aetherflow site to sign up for the beta. And if you don’t want to bother testing it, just wait to the early February, the time that the Aetherflow add-on would be expected to go public.

Aetherflow is definitely a great contribution for everyone in Final Fantasy XIV and may forever change the way this game is played. Hyped for this tool? It won’t be far off, just buy cheapest ff14 gils on ffxiv4gil and wait until February!