An overview of all storyline dungeons and trials in FFXIV Heavensward

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-07-17 13:48:16
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Here is an overview of all storyline dungeons and trials in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward and trials strategies on how to complete them with relative ease.



Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Trials and Dungeons
Dusk Vigil Strategy
For the Dusk Vigil Elephant, the targeted player must be abandoned and away from the rest of the team. For the Dusk Vigil Ghost, you will have to deal with the ghostly creatures from beyond a couple of times.

And lastly, for the Dusk Vigil Bird, you need to avoid the tornado at all costs; use the rocks scattered around the arena to help you avoid damage.

Sohm Al Strategy
For the Sohm Al Plant, you need to avoid AoE after the eat. As for the Dino; you need to move away as soon as it lays eyes on your character. And lastly, speaking of the Dragon, a meteor is marked by a marker on top of your character.

The idea is to move the markers to the outermost edge and doubleback to the center of the arena as soon as it fades.

The Aery Strategy
For the small dragon, the safe area from the AoE is inside the ring so make sure to stay there to avoid damage. For the medium dragon, you will notice poisonous clouds in the area. However, do note that the Mustard Gas eliminates clouds.Moreover, eliminating the adds is a good idea!

Lastly, for the large dragon, you need to move away as soon as it sees you because of an incoming fireball attack. You also need to keep the NPC DRG alive at all costs and also free up your captive friends.

Finally, remember to eliminate adds before the massacre and stay inside the shield.

The Vault Boss Strategy
During the first boss, you will see a ton of abilities, but the only thing that you should know is that the balls explode eventually. For the axe-wielding dude, do not stay near the AoE attack area.

For the final boss, try and eliminate the fireballs as soon as possible and also make sure to evade the fire-like plumes in the area. You should also try to break tethers by spreading away across the arena and avoid marching robot.

The Great Gubal Strategy
For the first boss, you need to avoid the lane AoE and also keep an eye on the clones. It is also important to note that slight movement makes you slid on the ice floor – be careful! For the second boss, you need to kill books and direct tether to the boss.

And lastly, you need to stand on the pink Summoning Point in order to avoid adds – all minipoints must be occupied by players in order to prevent adds in the particular circle.

Bismarck and Ravana
For the Ravana, make sure to go with the butterfly kill as quickly as possible and at all costs; always avoid knockback by having a solid wall behind your character’s back.

As for Bismarck, you need to try and not fall and use harpoons frequently. You should also try and separate adds from one another and remember that your party will receive damage while on the whale.