Apology For FFXIV Server slump

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-09-04 11:27:19
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Despite the well-documented woes of this game, Square Enix remains dedicated to the complicated project.When Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn recently launched for the PS3 and PC, players immediately began complaining of various server issues.The developers responded by saying those servers were being severely taxed.
Since that time, the MMO has been basically unplayable for many players, which has generated plenty of annoyance, as you might expect. However, Square Enix has announced that players who haven't yet redeemed their trial will be eligible for an extra 7 days of online fun.

Here's the statement:Because login and character creation restrictions have hindered our ability to provide quality service, all Final Fantasy 14 service accounts will receive an additional seven days of free play time.
They just have to register before September 9. This is their way of saying "sorry." They will continue to increase the amount of log-ins available on each server, so things should be rosier moving forward.
Furthermore, users who have yet to enter their registration codes will receive an additional seven-day trial should they register before 11.59 pm (PDT) on September 9, 2013. Moving forward, we will continue monitoring the servers to ensure that quality service and support are provided in a timely manner."
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