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Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-11-07 05:37:05
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Even though a great amount of articles refer to Final Fantasy XIV have appeared in public, I am still favor of share you fans of the hot game with my own view.


The prosperous Astral era is fading fast, the Garlean Empire has amassed an invading army on the eastern border and the otherworldly primals have been summoned by the native beast tribes. These threats will not be easily overcome, but you accept the emergence of a new Umbral era with the knowledge that your comrades will toil alongside you with courage in their hearts and the breath of hope filling their lungs as you reforge the fate of Eorzea.




What you may not realize is that you're standing on the brink of a precipice in which the land is poised to plunge.You stand looking out on the arresting lands of Eorzea, digesting your surroundings, gazing upon the familiar Final Fantasy creatures you know so well. At the bottom awaits unrest, danger, ruin, terror, battle, adventure, triumph, victory, courage, good and evil. At the bottom awaits the Seventh Umbral Era.


Mount chocobos, board airships, explore the landscape and gather your wits for epic battles against familiar Final Fantasy xiv , you create your own destiny with unique abilities, equipment and a flexible class system that allows you to traverse 18 different classes simply by changing your equipped weapon or tool.


Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with the stunning graphics and high-definition, real-time cutscenes that are the hallmarks of the Final Fantasy franchise. Forge new friendships with players from around the globe in this MMORPG as you create your own unique stories and become a part of the history of Eorzea.