As of ffxiv patch 3.3 you can now cap red gatherer scrips much faster

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-06-15 03:04:37
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We FFXIV4GIL have met many people in game who didn't know, but there was a change with red gatherer scrips, specifically the ones you can obtain from regular unlimited nodes (not unspoiled/legendary).


As of now the items "Eventide Jade" and "Periwinkle" now appear in every single level 60 node instead of just one node per set, and their scrip yield was increased to 10.

What does this mean? In every set of 6 nodes there's always 1 node with +1 gathering attempt, you can now gather the red scrip item on this node for a free extra yield, additionally some nodes can randomly show a +2 gathering attempt bonus.

This means you can gather 30 to 40 red gatherer scrips every 3.x minutes (with cordial) without waiting for unspoiled node spawns.

Since it only requires 450 collectability you can use the blue scrip rotation on it (DE Meth + DE Meth + SM Meth)Mix this with your regular ada/chysahl and legendary collectable and you should be done for the week in less than an hour.

Meanwhile, fishers are still looking at the collectible turn-in window, staring angrily at the thunderbolt eels just before the daily reset, just to see that it's still thunderbolt eels after the reset.