Basic Guide To Make Gil In Ffxiv

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-09-27 11:25:21
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Anyone seeking to reach level 50 fast in FFXIV has a number of ways they can go about it. To start with, you can aim to complete only one Discipline at a time - forcing your way forward at rocket speed in an attempt to reach as many different parts of the game as possible. On the other hand, you can try to reach a true Level 50 by having a selection of four disciplines in action when you get there - including War, Magic, Land and Hand. This is by far the harder route but it is far more rewarding and the game is built to accommodate slower leveling in this style.


If you fall into the first group of Final Fantasy xiv players who are impatient and want to reach the end-game as fast as possible, there are ways to speed it up. To start with, you should immediately join a Linkshell and find players you can join up with to complete Leves.

In a group, you can complete as many leves as all the group members have combined. So, if you have 5 players with 8 leves each, you can do 40 leves every 48 hours. Also, in a group you can crank up the difficulty rating and get a lot more out of each leve.

Beyond stacking your leves, you can build up your Gil stash and use it to upgrade your equipment on a steady basis, getting higher powered weapons and better armor regularly as you level. Unlike many other MMOs, itemization in this game is not designed to make it easy to level. You must buy new items from your fellow players if you don't get it from your leves. Gear does not drop off of mobs before you reach level 50 and likely won't start to any time soon.

The last option for speed leveling is admittedly the most grueling - the process of grinding your way to the top. Grinding involves going out and killing mobs over and over again to gain SP and level your way up. This is a slow process in FFXIV especially because the designers of the game wanted you to pace yourself with leves and learn how to play with the crafting system

Not everyone likes crafting though, so it's no shock that so many players are out there killing off Coblyns and Roselings in bulk. If you do decide to grind your way to Level 50 between leves, however, look for mobs that provide good item drops such as Roselings, Sea Slugs, and Cactuars so you can make a good chunk of FFXIV Gil on the way there.