Best Way to Make FFXIV Gil

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-12-02 11:47:05
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Every MMO has its fair share of casters and those casters are almost always going to focus on developing their cloth gear as they level up. So, there are weavers in Final Fantasy 14 to provide the necessary cloth gear, including robes, shorts, trousers, hats, gloves and much more. Beyond those simple equipment items, however, Weavers will also provide a bevy of materials for other professions including socks, paper, undyed fabric, and more. The cross play between professions shows strongest with this particular profession.

What is Weaving?
Weaving is the profession used to create cloth good. Weavers will take fibers gathered from various plants throughout the game and craft them into fabrics and cloths for use in other crafts. To take advantage of all those fiber bearing plants, I recommend you pick up Botany as your Discipline of the Land. You can then pick up any of the necessary fiber, including Cotton, Hemp, Flax, and Canvas among others.

Additionally, you can trade your extra logs - which will be dropped from tree nodes when you're hunting for plants. Those logs will be extras to you unless you opt to also pickup Carpentry. Offer to trade excess logs for excess fibers with other Botanists who chose Carpentry instead. Alternately, you can sell off your extras on the Market Ward, though probably for a lot less than they are worth.

Weaving as a guild discipline is based out of Ul'dah and the Sunsilk Tapestries guild hall. Here, you will find Lafla Morfla who will teach you Spinning, Tailoring, Dyeing, Glovemaking, Hatting, Weaving, Tacklecraft, and Fletchery. To craft these trendy items, you swill need Needles for your main hand and Spinning Wheels for your offhand.

Making Gil with Weaving
Weaving is a great profession for making Gil as most players will have at least one Casting Discipline that requires cloth gear. While early items such as Hempen tunics are not necessarily that valuable due to their low rank, you'll quickly run into more valuable items like Cotton, Canvas, and Velveteen. At each level, assuming there are characters leveling near you, you'll make as much as 100,000 Gil per piece due to high demand and limited supply (these are hard to make without doing a lot of farming).

The best thing about Weaving is that if you are a caster yourself, you can craft your own items and a pretty sharp discount. I also recommend you craft some of the many small bits and pieces needed by other professions. You'll make quite a bit of FFXIV Gil just by supplying Blacksmiths, Goldsmiths and Leatherworkers.